Timbertruss Product of Choice: Cassette Floor Panels

Timbertruss’ Cassette Floor Panels are a prefabricated, light-weight timber flooring system, delivered to your site for same-day installation. The instant erection of prefabricated flooring systems accelerates site progression, allowing builders to receive process payment faster while improving onsite efficiency and safety.

Cassette Floor Panels are strong and flexible, comprising of Posi Struts, I Joists and a wide range of flooring products. Timbertruss Posi Struts are purpose-built, using advanced MiTek software in the same factory as our Cassette Floor Panels, ensuring designs are assembled as quickly as possible while minimising variables.

As every floor system is custom made, shower set downs, penetrations for services, stair voids and timber beams can be easily incorporated into any design. Through the use of advanced technology and state of the art machinery, Timbertruss produces Cassette Floor Panels with acute precision on every job.

The use of custom prefab flooring systems vastly improves construction safety, reducing loose materials on-site, minimising theft and OH&S concerns. The instant floor system acts as a secure foundation for the working site, while the precise placement of the flooring reduces labour time and risk of injury.

From the time of quote approval, Cassette Floor Panels are manufactured and delivered on-site within a matter of days for immediate installation. Timbertruss also works closely with site managers by doing significant due diligence on-site prior to the delivery date, eliminating logistical delays with cranes and installation.

A popular and highly recommended product, our Cassette Floor Panels are appropriate for both commercial and multi-residential projects.

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