Wall Frames

Timbertruss Wall Frames are individually designed by our experienced detailers, producing complex designs with absolute precision

Our prefabricated timber wall frames are engineered in premium quality to the Australian quality standards. We have the largest state of the art production facility in Australia to deliver the highest quality walls. We make sure that the quality and performance of our premium quality wall frames will enable you to complete your building faster than ever saving your time and costs. So you can stay on track with your project schedules.

On site delivery for same day installation

No other matches the scale of our capabilities to support you in your construction projects not only in producing the best roof trusses but also providing you transportation and onsite crane capabilities. We can arrange on-site delivery for same-day installation.

Flexible designs by experienced Timbertruss detailers

Our experienced detailers use the most advance software within the industry to produce intricate designs with absolute precision to meet the particular load and wind bearing requirements.

Highest quality prefab timber wall frames in Australia

We comply with Australian Standards, a collection of published documents that define the specifications, that make sure the products and services are in the premium quality, safe and reliable. Selecting timbertruss means that you have chosen a supplier who provides the highest quality products within the industry.

Quality FSC approved timber

Trees are renewable, but the forests are not!! We only use FSC approved timber making sure that as an industry leader, we help to protect the forests. By complying to the FSC forest management standards we support responsible management of our world’s forest.

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